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We've worked on just about every laptop on the market; and when people ask us which Notebook is the best it's the Lenovo ThinkPad. We carry ThinkPads because our goal is to provide you with a quality reliable notebook that's going to last; the same notebooks we use ourselves.

Why are ThinkPad Notebooks Better?

  • Roll Cage
    A magnesium roll cage protects ThinkPad Notebooks from shocks, falls, and crashes.
  • Steel Hinges
    Designed to withstand 50% more open/close cycles than industry standard.
  • Active Protection System
    Detects sudden motion changes and temporarily protects the hard disk drive.
  • Shouck Mounted Hard Drive
    A rubber isolator and metal cage protect the hard disk drives of a ThinkPad.
  • Mil Spec Tests
    ThinkPad notebooks have passed up to 8 military level robustness tests; including: humidity, high temperature, sand, vibration, altitude, mechanical shock, low temperature, and extreme temperatures.
  • Spill Resistant Keyboard
    Spill-resistant keyboards ensure an accidental liquid spill doesn't cause disaster.
  • Rescue and Recovery
    Rescue and Recovery restores the operating system and PC applications.
  • Access Connections
    Switch between wired and wireless connection settings with ease.

There's a ThinkPad for Everyone

Whether it's the balance of mobility, manageability, and security of the T series; the extreme mobility of the X series; the power of the W series; or the cutting edge sophistication and performance of the Edge series; we will find a ThinkPad to meet your needs and budget.

ThinkPad Is Always on the Cutting Edge of Technology

  • 1993: ThinkPad becomes the first laptop in outer space.
  • 1994: The ThinkPad 755cd is the industry's first laptop with integrated CD-ROM.
  • 1997: The ThinkPad 770 is the industry's first laptop.
  • 1998: ThinkPad becomes the first laptop with a small light that illuminates the keyboard in low-light work environments, such as onboard an airplane.
  • 1999: A ThinkPad becomes the industry's first mini-laptop, weighing under 3lbs, with standard ports and keyboard that is 95% of full-size.
  • 2001: ThinkPad with an embedded security chip becomes the industry's first laptop to be certified by the Trusted Computing Platform Alliance, an industry body setting data security standards.
  • 2003: ImageUltra and Rapid Restore, found on ThinkPad laptops, are the first automatic data recovery technologies of their kind in the industry.
  • 2003: ThinkPad is the industry's first laptop with an extended battery life up to 11 hours.
  • 2004: ThinkPad is the industry's first laptop with an airbag for hard disk drive and data protection in case the system is dropped.
  • 2009: ThinkPad is the first laptop with an integrated fingerprint reader combined with hard disk drive encryption.

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