Finding a skilled technical service provider to develop, maintain, or upgrade your network can be difficult. Netux Solutions makes it easy. By providing top notch technicians, components, and services, our clients come back to us for all their computing needs. All aspects of the network are handled so you have time to concentrate on what's important, your business.

All of our engineers and technicians are well trained in their field. Using custom built systems with state-of-the-art backbone components from Linksys and Cisco, our networks are unparallel to others. Every component that makes up the network is taken into consideration. This thorough attention to detail makes a smooth transition from an existing or a new network.

What good is a network if your personnel can't take advantage of it? Netux Solutions will inform and train your personnel so they can take full advantage of all the services that your network provides. Netux can make using a network simple and easy by building the network around you. When your business changes, Netux can optimize the network to meet those changes and keep you in control of your network.

Wondering what a Netux network can do for you? Even if you have an existing network, Netux can provide new features, increase speed, and stability. Outlook email and scheduling can keep you in touch with your coworkers and help you keep track of appointments; allowing you to view multiple users' schedules. Collective file sharing can pool your data resources together for fast access and security, allowing people to share files with ease while maintaining security. Disaster recovery has never been easier; with your Netux Network you can back-up large amounts of data over your network to a centralized location automatically via data-bunkering or a conventional ADR backup system. Send and receive faxes over your network from any computer with Netux. Netux will protect your network from viruses with centralized and local virus protection.

When you need it, Netux Solutions is here to provide support for your network. Netux offers both onsite and offsite support for user problems and critical situations. From resetting a user's password to replacing a key network component, you can count on Netux.

By purchasing a network from Netux, you get more. Netux Solutions offers a wide range of technical services. Web development; computers and computer product purchasing; technical support; graphic design, are all offered through Netux. By choosing Netux you simplify all aspects of your computing needs while saving time and money.

If you don't have an IT department Netux can provide the service. Netux Solutions will handle all maintenance and product returns for you.